Passion against the odds


Passion against the odds

Jibran Dar actor and celebrity anchor.

Jibran Dar, actor and celebrity anchor, has led a life, which if led in similar tones by youth, a new dawn of success will fall upon the generation. His life has always
been singular, full of challenges and struggles. It began with the peculiar timeline of his birth— the 90’s – the time when the armed rebellion in Kashmir Valley was culminating. Born on September the 23rd, Jibran who is an engineer by background has done his early schooling from Linton Hall, Rajbagh Srinagar and his late higher secondary schooling took place in New Convent
Higher Secondary School, Srinagar. Like most of the youth, Jibran was being dreamed of as an engineer by his parents, his heart belonging somewhere else notwithstanding. He wanted to be an actor. And become an actor he did— his life personifies passion. “Parents are an important bestowment to a person from his god. I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I became a mechanical
engineer” says Jibran. Despite being an engineer, he didn’t give away his passion for acting. For further studies, he decided to leave the state, as he knew the scene and
the scope for the acting here, both were in a dearth. “You always have to launch yourself to land somewhere big. And for that, you ought to achieve that escape velocity. And it cannot happen in Kashmir. Partly because the society is conservative, chiefly because the state is wrought with political turmoil” Jibran says. He started his journey by hosting smaller events like birthday parties, weddings, inaugurals, and the like. “I remember my first earning was 700 rupees. But it always works like that. You dream big, but achieve it by taking smaller steps.” he added Carrying on his hosting, Jibran traveled to many cities in order to get a break. He flew to Mumbai and only realizing that the competition is extremely fierce, he flew back to Delhi. “It was a well-thought strategy. I was not a big fish, I had to learn to swim in a small pond before embarking upon the oceans” he says. For six years he kept on giving the auditions for the reality shows like MTV Roadies, and finally, in an online audition, the video of which went viral and hit the millions, he got through. Since then he has never looked back. Jibran’s philosophy is simple yet profound—as long as you are
passionate, you will always have your bite. “I traveled and explored the process which is very difficult without the support of your parents. You see, as far as my background is concerned, I belong to a family where everything is in abundance. My dad is a big government contractor; my mom an educational consultant, my brother a civil engineer, I always had the financial spine. Not
everybody has it. But at the same time, if I were not passionate, their support would go in vain” he says “Although, if not the financial, at least parents should give all the moral
and emotional support to their children” He has so far co-hosted shows with the celebrities like Sonu Nigam, Baadshah, Shakti Kapoor, Honey Singh, Hardy Sandhu, Sunil Grover and the list goes on. He has formerly performed a dating show (Stupid Cupid) with Karishma Tanna and in 2018 he also hosted the WinIndia Dance and Music reality show on an epic channel of Reliance entertainment,
along with Raghav junyal and Sukhe musical doctorate. As far as his other endeavors are concerned, he has hosted the corporate shows with Essel Group, Zee Media, Book
My Show, Kohler. Bandhan Bank, Kotak, Max Life, Optimum Solutions and the like. Jibran is currently booked for a numerous stage shows and is also
gearing up for TV ads and web series. Although he’s been a professional actor cum anchor, he also believes that when a person is successful, he must not reap the fruits alone—
one must motivate, encourage and help the fellow youth in all possible ways. “I write motivational prose and poetry to encourage people who are around me and are passionate
about their lives. Because it is passion in the end which surges forward and makes you what you have always wanted to be. Seasons change, people change, so does time and so do the circumstances, but one must always keep his passion intact, and that is my simple message to people around me”



Carrying on his hosting, Jibran traveled to many cities in order to get a break. He
flew to Mumbai and only realizing that the competition is extremely fierce, he flew
back to Delhi. “It was a well-thought strategy. I was not a big fish, I had to learn to
swim in a small pond before embarking upon the oceans” he says.


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