Dying craft of pottery


Dying craft of pottery

Documented by Muhammed Umer muhammedumer0007@gmail.com

This photo story includes 11 photographs, that showed the working atmosphere of potter man. who is now left in his dynasty, love to continue his work? 

Meet Abdul Khaliq Kumar who hails from Chaar-e-Shareef district Budgam, 29 km away from Srinagar. He is famous for his pottery in Krar Mohalla at Chaar-e-Shareef. He began practicing this art form at the age of 13 and still continues to do so even at the age of 63. His father AbdulAhad Kumar has taught him this unique art. To him, pottery objects were mostly used in old times where it became their sole way of living and earning a livelihood. In the past few years, they make customized objects according to the need of the customers. Despite suffering vicissitudes in his business, he has beautifully managed to survive and make a name for himself in this competitive business world. His son discontinued this profession because of the changing tradition in the modern world which made him realize that he could not make a living out of it. However, Khaliq worked dedicatedly and became one of the prominent potters in his vicinity making him the most trusted amongst the customers who often purchase objects for kitchens, gardens etc. There are two more people who assist him, who think that he is bestowed with innate quality of giving alluring shape to the mud to make it into objects for a different purpose. They have been working with him since past 25 years and have acquired immense knowledge in this art form through him.

 From last 25 years, Jabbar Khalil uses to work here to run his small family. He spends 8 hours every day to shape up new muddy pots. 


Abdul Khaliq Kumar, 65-year-old man, a famous potter from Kral Mohalla Chaari-e-Shareef from Budgam District is the only person in his family who loves to do this work from last many decades. 


Using his golden hands that shape up the clay for making different shapes for water pot, which is mostly seen across the valley in many houses.



He started doing this work when he was 13, Abdul Ahad Kumar, his father was the one who spends a lot of time with him to teach how to beautify the clay in different shapes.


102-Mud made house of Ahad Kumar, having 3 stories are wholly used for his work along with some workers. some of the rooms are used to store the pots which are later supplied to whole Kashmir. 


This process of smoothing the objects need much creativity, that comes with patience and hard work.


Old, mud made large room where the process of coloring is done on the pots, they listen to Kashmiri songs too while working on pots.



 Making out his best work, while putting his efforts inside one the room where he spends his day to make more stuff for kitchens and gardens.



Pot making is an art, which is seen inside these old men, who really love to work and create beautiful art of it.



In this process, the final shape is given to the objects, which need much balance and eye contact.

Playing with the wheel is a technique, these artists are doing this for many decades, the way they earn and love to do this work too.





Muhammed Umer is a freelance photographer from Kashmir.